6 Beautiful Areas in Likupang, a Hidden Tropical Paradise in North Sulawesi

In Indonesia, there are lots of beaches and tropical islands which are acceptable for relaxing. One such destination is Likupang, whose name might not be recognizable among tourists. Likupang is an area in Minahasa, North Sulawesi. It’s about 1 hour from Manado.

Here, tourists can freely travel on the shore, sea, savanna, to the hills which are still green and beautiful. Not surprisingly, Likupang can also be referred to as a tropical paradise that is still hidden by the reach of most tourists. Are you curious about how beautiful Likupang is? Let’s take a peek at five charming tourist destinations in Likupang which could be seen.

1. Bahoi Ecotourism Village

Bahoi is a coastal village in Likupang that is known for its beautiful coral reefs and mangrove forests. Unsurprisingly, the community is protecting the present nature. In Bahoi, tourists can take a stroll on the wooden bridge that divides the woods, play with white sand, then view various coral reefs and colourful fish.

2. Pulisan Hill and Beach

This tourist spot remains near the beautiful Pulisan Beach place. You will be shown a beautiful expanse of grassland that is very refreshing to the eyes as well as a broad sea view. For those who wish to come to Pulisan Hill, then you need to have a trip of about 1 hour. When you get to the very best, all of your tiredness will cover off with the beauty and exoticism of Pulisan Hill.

3. Paal Beach

The lovely Paal Beach that has the nature of a white sandy shore is well worth visiting while on holiday which provides many attractions and vacation activities like snorkelling, rather than just you could also rent a boat and ride just a speedboat, or it is also possible to unwind in a gazebo which will you lease. For the entrance fee, it only costs approximately 5,000 to 10,000.

4. Gangga Island

This island is famed for its fantastic panorama at sunset and sunrise. Additionally, Gangga Island can also be appropriate for snorkeling since the beauty of the submerged coral reefs remains maintained.

5. Lihaga Island

This shore is Lihaga Beach that’s a favorite of foreign and local tourists. For Lihaga Beach, you have to lease a ship beginning from the interface of Serei, that charges you a little, which can be approximate Rp800.000 to get 20 individuals. The travelling period to Lihaga Beach is roughly two hours when you arrive in Lihaga Beach everything is going to be repaid with all the extraordinary splendour of this shore. The entrance fee for Lihaga Beach is Rp. 20,000 / individual.

6. Larata Hill

It would be great if you did not miss this tourist place, that’s a savanna mountain that provides fantastic views and the large seas. For Larata Hill, you need to go through very challenging terrain since the street is very stern and slippery. When you hike to the top of the hill, you will find a green expanse that’s quite refreshing to the eyes and sun. Entry fee is completely free of charge.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Likupang by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.