5 Best Tourist Spots in Wakatobi, Indonesia

Wakatobi, which is a district in Southeast Sulawesi, offers a variety of natural beauty and is also a tourist place in Indonesia. Wakatobi itself is an acronym which stands for Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko. Even UNESCO itself has informed that there are approximately 750 of the 850 species of coral possessed by Wakatobi. There are a variety of types of biota and corals that cannot be found anywhere else in Wakatobi. If you would like to have a vacation in this area, visit reviews of tourist attractions in Wakatobi combined with various exciting activities.

1. Wakatobi Islands National Marine Park

In case you have never been to Wakatobi, it is normal to feel confused about whether tourist attractions are the right places to play. The Wakatobi Islands National Marine Park is the first to be advocated here. This is a marine park spot which has a variety of species from 25 coral reef clusters scattered across the Wakatobi area.

Due to these advantages, it is not surprising the Wakatobi is a favourite location for people to carry out enjoyable activities, such as snorkelling, swimming, fishing and diving. With the status of the seawater so apparent, snorkelling is sufficient to have the ability to find out what is in it or even go diving for a clearer underwater view.

2. Wakatobi Resort Beach Tour

Wakatobi Resort is one of the best locations that are also compulsory for sailors to see, especially for sailors. Located on the charming and beautiful beach area of ​​Onchmobaa-Tomia Island in the Wakatobi Islands. World-class diving is supplied by this place where there are also magnificent house reefs and are the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia.

To get to the dive site isn’t so tricky, and the accessibility is reasonably comfortable with a variety of the underwater world which will make us fascinated. The diving action in this area is guaranteed to be comfortable and secure to both professional and amateur sailors since the sea area is very well shielded.

3. Molii Sahatu

Molii Sahatu is also one of those tourist attractions in Wakatobi and should not be missed. Regarded as a beach of a hundred springs by Wangi-Wangi residents, this beach is only about 20 km away from the capital town of Wangi-Wangi.

The main reason why the Molii Sahatu is considered like that is since really from the bottom of the shore there are dozens and dozens of springs that come out. So, it isn’t incorrect if the name becomes ‘one hundred springs’. Near this place, there are additional tourist objects that may be visited, especially the Bajo tribe village. And also, natural cave excursions that will surely add to the excitement of the holiday experience in Wakatobi.

4. The Site of Liya Togo Palace Fortress

Not only is the beach top-rated and eager to be shared, but vacationers are also guaranteed to be satisfied when visiting Liya Togo Palace Fortress. Keraton is not just located in Yogyakarta or Solo, but in Wakatobi also has a palace that’s a Cultural Heritage.

Historical tourism this time is undoubtedly distinct from the palaces in the two cities. This fort was considered to be among the best of those 120 forts that the Buton Sultanate had. Still, in Wakatobi, visitors can come right to Wangi-Wangi Selatan District to get the location of the fort at a village Named Liya Raya.

5. Anano Runduma Island

This is among the islands that are also exceptional and have to be appreciated while at Wakatobi. This island provides more insight because of its customers since this is the point where the green turtle nesting centre is situated.

When tourists arrive at the ideal time, there’s absolutely no doubt that there’ll be a procedure for releasing turtle cubs that are shown and automatically turn into a spectacle for people. The young turtles which are old enough will probably be published in the limit to the beautiful sea from the Wakatobi islands. It is going to be the primary attraction in each beautiful sea from the Wakatobi islands.

Can’t wait to visit Wakatobi Island, right? Let’s manage your holiday schedule and itinerary, and please visit Wonderful Indonesia to get more information about Wakatobi.